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There are vertical curtain, pvc vertical, fabric vertical, wooden vertical models.

Workplaces, schools, private teaching institutions, public buildings and laboratories are among the most preferred curtain models.

Vertical Blind is very easy to use.

It can move the vertical curtain to the right or left with the control rope.

You can use the light as much as you want.

What is Vertical Blinds?
Vertical curtains are a curtain model that is generally preferred in workplaces, schools and sometimes hospitals. Its manufacture is made of PVC, sometimes as fabric, and also as aluminum. Fabric vertical curtains are preferred in homes. It is very nice to decorate in homes and gives a modern look. Since there is a vertical collection, it is more suitable to use on tall large glasses. It does not look nice in terms of decoration on short windows. It is possible to benefit from sunlight at the desired level and angle in this mechanism curtain system. In the vertical curtain system, where there are wagons carrying the bands on an aluminum rail, the rope mechanism can move the wagons to which the bands are attached to the right or left or from the middle. The chain control enables the light adjustment by rotating the bands on its own axis. . They are produced as two different vertical slat widths with 89mm and 127mm widths as standard. While vertical curtains enrich the design desired to be created indoors, just like in jalousie systems; Thanks to its ability to move 180 degrees to the right and left, it provides the opportunity to control the sunlight and heat entering the environment.